What Foods To Eat To Reduce Bloating

That damn B-word…..bloating. It’s not comfortable, fun or cute. Trust me I know.

I was suffering with it, yes suffering (I’m very dramatic in case you didn’t know) 2 weeks ago. In my case I ate a very creamy pasta which did not go down a treat, let’s just say that.

I was up at exactly 2am for a few nights with cramps and trapped wind. I felt so tormented I got out of bed and lay on the carpet in the early hours of the morning trying to do yoga.

Crazy much?

Absolutely, yes but I know you know what I mean.

What causes bloating?

Anything from undigested food, to how you are sitting or how much you are talking while eating. Let me state the obvious, it is clear that you need to pay attention when you eat.

Here are foods to eat to reduce bloating.

Drop Beans and Legumes for Soaked Quinoa
Beans take a long time to digest because they contain a protein that resists digestion until it reaches the big intestine. And friends, that’s a long way to travel and plenty of time to cause bloating and wind along the way.

Instead try eating quinoa that has been soaked for at least 2 hours. Soaking quinoa helps remove some of the phytic acid in the grain which helps improve digestibility.

Reduce the raw greens and up the ante on the steamed or sauteéd greens
Now don’t get me wrong greens are good for you but too many raw greens like kale can be hard for your body to digest.

Steaming or sauteing greens softens the fibres while retaining the nutrients making it easier to digest.

Dairy – avoid the cow and bring on the goats and sheep – especially with yoghurt
Many people can’t digest dairy because they are lactose intolerant. If you feel like you feel extra full after eating a bowl of yoghurt or some cheese try swapping cow milk products for goats or sheep milk ones.

These alternatives are less processed and have different proteins, making them easier to digest.

Cut back on the carbonated drinks and sip on plain water or hot tea
The CO2 used to make the bubbles in carbonated drinks can go straight to your digestive tract and cause bloating.

Instead sip on room temperature water, warm lemon water or tea.
Tip: avoid any liquids for at least an hour after eating. This will give your digestive system time to do it’s thing.

Hack for warm lemon water: make lemon/ginger ice cubes.
Cut up some lemons and I would also add lots of ginger into a small pot. Full the pot with water and let it simmer for 15 minutes or so. Taste and if you are happy with the flavour, drain and set aside to cool. Once cool, pour it into ice trays and freeze.

Every morning, drop a lemon/ginger ice cube into your hot water and drink. Saves you time every morning.

Chew Chew and Chew some more
Slowly chew your food. When you think you’ve chewed enough keep going. Remember your stomach doesn’t have teeth. Give it less work to do in breaking down food by chewing the food properly. This is probably the biggest reason most people feel bloated.

With these swaps and lots of chewing, you’ll be able to leave behind the bloat, feel comfortable and look cute.

Let me know how it goes.

With love as always

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