I write the monthly self-care column for Fashion Handbook South Africa.

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Woman holding a purple orchid to her face

DIY Beauty Hacks for the Holidays

DIY Beauty Hacks for the Holidays

Woman looking in the mirror applying oil to her face

Beauty care

What’s all the buzz about CBD?

Women leaning on each other, standing in a row wearing the same colour and dresses, depicting order

Strength in order

Why creating order in your life is an act of self-care

A girl out in a field smelling a flower and holding a book


How to stay resilient during these tough times

Two ladies laying side by side on the beach with shells near them

Cool and Calm

How to turn anger to opportunity

Women stretching her arms triumphant above her head and sunrise at the top of a mountain

Feeling Certain

Finding certainty in uncertain times

Street light at night in a street in Seoul

A new kind of Seoul

A new kind of Seoul

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