The must-have travel checklist post Covid-19

This must-have travel checklist is related to a little secret which I’m going to let you in on. I’m on a 90 day fiancé relationship journey. Kinda. Sorta.

Have you ever watched the show? If not, in a short summary, it’s where a bunch of love struck lunatics start online relationships across borders. After some time (usually very short) they decide that they want to be together forever and start a visa process whereby they have 90 days to get married in order for their partner to stay in America. Cue all the DRAMA and entertainment.

The good news is that my lover, well not really since we haven’t actually met in person, is not American but he is across the seas and we do WANT to meet. If you’ve been in a long distance relationship like this then you’ll understand there is a dire need for this to happen.

We are in the throws of a very challenging situation be it that we live in the time of Covid-19 and travel is so restricted.

BUT we are furiously searching for a place that will take us both in with as few hassles as possible.

Almost impossible?


Totally impossible?


Hence the travel checklist.

I’m sure we are not the only ones getting itchy feet. You know those end of year travel itchy feet? The festive season itchy feet?

The summer, silly season, sip and siesta time itchy feet?

Whether you’re traveling now, later, locally, soonish or even maybe, keep this for ease of reference.

I’ve created this must-have post Covid-19 travel checklist for us because, well, you know, we’re important and I want us to stay well especially while on holiday or meeting long distance lovers.

Air Travel checklist:

* Mask
* Anti – bacterial hand wipes
* Dis-infectant spray
* Serum or moisturiser to keep your skin moist.
* Knee high compression socks – help improve blood flow
* Gloves – especially if you icky about public toilets
* First aid kit
* CBD drops 100mg for sleep
* Bee Propolis throat spray – natural anti-viral immune system support
* Sleep mask
* Noise cancelling headphones
* Travel pillow
* Blue light blocking glasses – reduces eye strain
* Oregano oil – to boost immunity and keep the bowels regular
* Macadamia nuts – low carb snack

What to include in your first aid kit:
* Analgesic (pain relief) medicine/Aspirin
* Antihistamine tablets for bites, stings or allergies
* Cold and flu tablets
* Cough medicine
* Motion sickness tablets
* Throat lozenges or drops
* Antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds
* Antiseptic ointment to apply to a wound
* Plasters
* Insect repellent
* Diarrhoea medicine
* Antacid
* Antifungal or antibacterial cream
* Rehydrate sachets
* Regular prescription medicines

And if you are thinking, wait a minute, this is too much, trust me, it’s not. Things happen, mostly when you least expect it and it’s better to be prepared than not. I have traveled a lot and been in many a situation where I’ve needed all of these things.

Checklist that says yes and no
Travel checklist

Check, check and double check:

These are the items most people forget to pack:
* Laundry bag
* Reusable shopping bag
* Emergency snacks
* Extra memory card
* Lip balm
* Copies of travel documents
* Flip flops
* Stain remover
* Phone chargers
* Toothpaste
* Swimsuit
* Sunscreen
* Umbrella
* Sunglasses

If you are traveling, planning to travel or staying put, be safe and be well.

And happy travels for now or for the future.

If you have any ideas on where an African and a European could meet safely during this time, drop a comment below. I’d love to hear your comments.

Please share this checklist with your friends, especially that one you are always waiting for because they have forgotten something, missed something or lost something.

With love and itchy feet

Your thoughts?

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