Hello 2021

Hello 2021. Hello friends. Hello new year. Hello fresh starts.

I missed you all. How you doing? (in the Joey from Friends voice)

So we survived 2020. What a year! You know if you we can survive a year like that with all its ups and downs, I think we can pretty much conquer 2021. It’s not going to be easy, we still have challenges to face but we can absolutely do it.

Opportunities are everywhere.

Now I hate to be a party pooper so early in the year but if you were looking for some new years resolutions and stuff, I ain’t got any here. A healthy lifestyle remains the only goal.

What I do have for you are a few tips to ease in to the year.

11 Tips for Better Living

0 processed food / empty calories
1 hour of exercise/ reading
2 litres of a water a day
3 cups of green tea/ green juice
4 stretch breaks
5 things you’re grateful for
6 am meditation
7 minutes of laughter
8 hours of sleep
9 thousand steps a day
10 pm bed time

Easy enough?

Yes I thought so too.

Let’s go get it in 2021. There has never been a better time to BE healthy.

With much love as always

4 Replies to “Hello 2021”

  1. Very easy Lisa and thank you for sharing. You absolutely right we survived 2020 we sure can survive 2021. And the goal is healthy lifestyle it hasn’t changed. Happy new year Lisa and all the best as 2021 unfolds xx

    1. Thanks Nono and all the best to you for 2021. I know you are going to smash it out the park. I look forward to seeing your transformation, I saw that you are going vegan. Well done, that’s inspiring. Eating clean does wonders for the body, mind and spirit. Keep shining sis ❤️

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