Lisa Marie Lawler

Hello, I’m Lisa Marie Lawler

Your virtual wellbeing coach, cheerleader, supporter and biggest fan.

I believe that Well-being is the basis of this Universe and if we allow it, a natural state of being.

We are here on this earth to experience outrageous joy. Sometimes though we get lost in past experiences that shape how we move forward in our lives. We forget about joy and focus on pain. And that pain manifests itself in various ways.

In my case it manifested in weight gain which in turn resulted in an emotional heaviness. I felt heavy and stuck in all areas of my life.

I decided to focus solely on my wellbeing which meant taking a deep dive in to healing. It also meant re-wiring my thought patterns, habits and behaviours.

It was a painful process but it was better than staying stuck feeling heavy and unhappy.

I changed the way I thought, spoke and behaved. I forgave and I let go. I became aligned with who I really was and what I really wanted.

And what I really wanted, believed in and was ready to fight for was my Well-being.

I discovered a world of wellness and I find great joy in sharing it with others in the hopes that I can in some way help someone else.

I hope to motivate and inspire you to take action and make healthy changes in your lifestyle that will ultimately bring you joy and leave you in a constant state of Well-being.