5 DIY Detox Drinks + 1 For Weight Loss

Large bottle fliled with lemon slices and water with a whole lemon and mason jug next to it

Yes I’m back again with the detox stuff because I know you. When I ask you how’s it going you’re going to say but you never gave me any recipes, how could I do it?

Well, here you go, no more excuses, I’m on to you.

And when I say easy, I mean easy. It’s basically water infused with some fruit and herbs from your kitchen. I’m going to give you the combo’s and you make it happen.

I’m not that big on measurements when it comes to this. It’s a bunch of this and a squeeze of that.

Follow your gut. Get it?

Selection of many different types of fruit

Pineapple Happy
Water + pineapple + turmeric + black pepper

Cucumber Cool
Water + cucumber + watermelon + mint

Strawberry Summer
Water + strawberries + basil

Lemon and Ginger Zinger
Water + cucumber + lemon + ginger + mint

Grapefruit Gift
Water + grapefruit + rosemary

Mason jar of strawberry flavoured water on a table
Strawberry Water

Make a large jug of the detox water so you can sip on it all day.
If you crush the fruit before adding it to the water it will give it more flavour.
If you need a little sweetness, pitted dates are your best friend. Add some in for that little sweet note.

Below is a bonus recipe if you are looking for something to aid in weight loss and a flatter belly.

Cranberry delight (helps you lose weight)
This is a Jillian Michaels special

2L of purified water
1 Tbsp 100% cranberry juice (not sweetened, no cranberry cocktail juice)
2 Tbsp squeezed lemon juice
1 organic dandelion root tea bag

Brew the tea bag in 1 cup of hot water and let it cool to room temperature
Fill a large jug with the cooled tea, cranberry juice and lemon juice. Fill the remainder of the jug with water and refrigerate.

Drink the entire jug throughout the day. Do this for a week and you’ll start feeling the results.

Here’s why it’s good for you:
Cranberry is loaded with antioxidants and helps flush out toxins. Lemons support normal digestion and are high in Vitamin C. Dandelion root tea improves digestion, aids in weight loss and eases bloating.

I’m a big fan of herbal teas and detox water. You need to get that water in anyway so why not add some pizzazz to it? It’s simple, easy and most importantly it doesn’t break the bank.

Drop me a line because I like hearing from you and I would love to know if you are going to try it. Also feel free to share with a friend who might need it.

As always I’m here drinking my detox water and wishing you well.

With love and gratitude

A Pre-Holiday Detox? Yes and Here’s Why

Champagne glasses clinking in toast

Oh yes you need to detox before the holidays and I see you rolling your eyes at me. That’s why I’m getting this out early, so you have time to think about it and prepare.

I’m well aware that when the 1st December rolls around all you’ll be thinking about is decorations, parties, gifts, food and of course the holiday drinks.

So before all the excuses start rolling off your tongue let me give you a healthy heads up as to why you should detox before the holidays.

At any other time of the year, when we have our little binges it is normally just a day or two, maybe a few days only. The December holidays signify a much longer period of over-eating, over-indulging and let’s be totally honest, over-drinking. We all tend to go overboard even with the best of intentions in mind.

This gives the body little time to recover let alone digest all that’s been thrown at it.

A pre-holiday detox will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy during the hectic holiday season. It will also help you get out the gates strong for the new year.

And you know me, this is not some insane juice detox nor am I suggesting you starve for 2 weeks before the holiday season starts, these are just gentle tips to introduce one or two weeks before the tsunami hits.

Jug with water and lemon slices
Morning drink

Morning Drink

Start the day with 2 glasses of water with a pinch of salt and lots of lemon. Like a whole lemon kind of lots.

If you must have coffee, limit it to one cup a day. Switch to herbal tea for the rest of the day. Ginger and peppermint are good for digestion. And stay hydrated throughout the day. Remember your 8 glasses of water..

Shower time

Before you shower use a dry brush on your entire body. Start at your feet and use long, circular movements to brush your skin. This will stimulate your lymphatic system to get rid of waste and will exfoliate your skin.

While showering, switch between hot and cold water. Hot for 30 seconds and cold for 30 seconds. Do this for 5 minutes. Better yet, if you can, go for a cold shower. It does wonders for your nervous system and will boost the lymphatic system.

Orange and blueberries
Healthy fruit


Now it gets interesting. Remember this is only for 1 or 2 weeks, you can do this.

Eliminate sugar, dairy, gluten, soy and corn during the detox. These foods can be inflammatory and mucus forming. The next time you think about that sugar, bear in mind that it weakens your immune system for several hours.

Eat lots of fibre (flax, chia seeds and psyllium husk) and go big on salads. Stock up on herbs, especially parsley which helps carry waste out of the blood stream.

Help your gut

Get your gut ready for the heavy holiday meals with a daily dose of probiotics. Bolstering your microbiome in advance can protect against indigestion, heartburn and constipation.

Foods that are high in probiotics are kimchi, tempeh and yoghurt. If you can’t get your hands on that, opt for a high quality supplement.

Move your body

Oh here she goes again. Yes, I can hear you. All you need is a brisk 20 minute walk a day.

That’s it, simple enough, yes? If you really can’t get that in, try a steam room or sauna. Sweating escorts toxins out of the body through the skin.


Did you know that your body fixes itself while you sleep? Try to get to bed earlier than normal.

Many studies have shown that the sleep you get before midnight is twice as powerful as sleep after midnight.

Going to bed between 10pm-12am is the best window for sleep and aim for a solid 8 hours. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, try a lavender essential oil to aid in that.

And before you even say anything, I KNOW you can do this. It’s just little tweaks here and there that will give you maximum benefits.

Like you I want to be rolling with laughter during the festive and not with indigestion.

Let’s give it a go.

Shall we?

As always I’m here rooting for you.

With love,

How To Get A Grip When You’ve Let Yourself Go

Lady in a blue dress standing near a pool looking very happy

And I’m not even a fan of this term, ‘letting yourself go’ because to be honest I’ve been an expert at it.

It’s bad enough that I know it, but how rude and offensive that anybody else should notice it too.

I know all too well the struggles of working on myself to get to a point of being a better version of me; happy and hopeful and helluva hot only to ‘let myself go’.

Why did I do it?

Because I gave up too easily and convinced myself that you only live once and who would it hurt anyway to have another slice of cake or another helping of fries.

That’s what I used to tell myself.

And you know what happened?

Another slice of cake and more fries would become crispy wings and waffles with syrup and what about a juicy burger and a pizza or two.

Who would it hurt?

Yes indeed. Not me. No of course not.

Then I would look at myself in the mirror a few months or even a year down the line and be shocked because I had no idea I was letting myself go (please read getting fat)

I would shout at my family because they never told me and I couldn’t see it. (Side note: they did tell me. Apparently letting yourself go is akin to being deaf and blind as well)

Cue the guilt, shame, crashing self esteem, crying, cursing, embarrassment and tantrums. I would want to flush the idea of being healthy down the bloody drain.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Yes I thought so.

And believe me I know it feels like too much of a mountain to climb to snatch it all back because you are well aware that it’s going to take work, and worse yet, some self discipline.

I even toyed with the idea of staying fat and fabulous but tragically for me, my body wouldn’t allow it. It kept breaking down and it kept getting sick. It was screaming, “Get off your fat ass and do something about this”. (My father would say that too)

And so alas, I did just that but with a promise that I would never let myself go again. I was done with that feeling of hopelessness.

And you can be too.

Wanna know how?

Well stay with me now.

First you have to acknowledge it.

This was the toughest part for me. I didn’t want to look at myself and feel like a failure, again. I didn’t want to see that I was in a cycle of letting myself go, again. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I forgot to love myself, again.

And let me tell you, those 3 rolls of fat on my back were staring back at me and tormenting me. So defiant and so bitchy, like I dare you to get rid of us. Just you try it.

To quote Tony Robbins, “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions”.

I had to acknowledge that the fat was a physical manifestation of all the emotional baggage that I was carrying with me. In essence, by refusing to deal with my emotional issues, I was in fact letting myself go physically.

The emotional issues were growing bigger and bigger in a physical form.

Once I understood where I was, I knew where I wanted to go.

A lady in a pink dress looking out over the ocean
In Thailand 2018

Next, you have to offer up forgiveness and love.

You HAVE to be KIND to YOURSELF. I can’t stress this enough.

If a friend came to you in despair and said “I feel like a failure. I’m so lost and feel so helpless, what would you say to them?”

Would you say, “You’re so worthless, nobody cares about you”

Of course not.

So why say that to yourself then?

Treat yourself with care, compassion and forgiveness like you would your best friend.

Kick all the judgement out the front door.

Make a plan and get real about it

I knew that in the beginning, trying to exercise and eat healthy was going to be too much for me. I can only focus on one thing at a time. I made my focus food. That was me being real.

You know yourself and what makes YOU feel overwhelmed. Choose one thing to focus on in the beginning and just stick to that.

I know you didn’t ask for my opinion but I would suggest it be food. I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule, 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Have fun and laugh along the way

If you can do this everything else just seems to click into place.

Don’t try to force anything otherwise you’ll find yourself back in the cycle after a while. Find a form of exercise that gives you joy or will make you laugh. I can’t dance but I do Zumba every now and then just for fun.

Be light in spirit when it comes to your health. It’s not a chore or something to dread.

So you let yourself go but haven’t we all at some point.

It’s time to get a grip. It’s time to be honest. It’s time to have some fun.

Don’t let the rolls, the emotional baggage or the supposed mountain to climb intimidate you.

You are in control and you got this.

I’m here for you, as always.

Happy and hopeful.

P.S. I’m very good at dishing out instructions. If you need me to tell you to get off your fat ass and do something about this, just holla.

With love

A Healthy Way To Start Your Day

Tumeric tea in a cup on a table

Why this golden latte is good for you

AND it’s quick and easy to make.

Like all golden lattes, there’s one key ingredient to give this drink it’s sunny colour: turmeric.

Now I don’t know about you but when I was growing up all I knew about turmeric was that it made rice yellow and all the aunties were using it to make a good curry. I kind of looked down on it.

When I heard that it had health benefits I was floored. So those aunties were on to something afterall.

Turmeric is an immune-supporting spice (see here for a full rundown), and its active component, curcumin, can manage inflammation at the cellular level. In plain English, it’s very very good for you.

If you add that in with spices like cinnamon and cardamom (great for antioxidants), you’ve got a magical morning potion. And don’t we all love magic potions in the morning?

Salt, black pepper, tumeric, cinnamon on a spoon
Variety of spices

1 can Coconut milk
1 Tbsp turmeric
Pinch of black pepper (to enhance absorption)
Drizzle of honey
Pinch of cardamom
Pinch of cinnamon

Bring the coconut milk to a simmer on the stove.
Mix in the turmeric and black pepper once it gets warm (be careful not to burn the mixture).
Take it off the heat and add in your honey, cardamom and cinnamon.
Sprinkle in as much (or as little) flavour as you please.

Now I can hear one of my sisters screaming in the background that she doesn’t like coconut milk. That’s ok, use whatever milk you like: almond, oat, normal, it’s totally up to you.

If you are looking to boost your immune system first thing in the morning, give it a go.

I’m just here looking out for you, as always.

Let me know how it goes.

Happy sipping.

With love