My story

The beginning

My story begins in Durban, South Africa where I was born. Followed by a few years in Malawi and eventually being raised in a small village called Big Bend in Eswatini.

Living in a different country sparked my love of travel and it is one of my passions. In the last few years the most important journey I’ve been on is to a world within.

The only coping mechanism I had for anything in life whether it be a chaotic upbringing, a devastating death or a simple break up, was food.

My entire life my weight yo-yoed and I used it like a protective blanket. One that I both loved and I hated.

It has always been the one thing I desperately wanted to control but couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried.

In 2017, my boyfriend broke up with me, my father died, I got retrenched from my job and I moved cities. I was stressed, grieving and a bit lost. 

What happened to me?

I wasn’t aware that I was eating my pain away until the end of 2018, a year that I mostly spent sick.

My “big”clothes would no longer fit and by chance I jumped on a scale and got the fright of my life. It was like the veil had been lifted.

I felt so heavy physically and emotionally and I was desperate for help.

This was my life story and I wanted to overcome it because I was tired of battling with myself and my body.

What started off as an education of food and of the body, simultaneously became an education of myself.

For the first time I was honest with myself, I was gentle with myself and I started to heal myself.

What changed for me?

I became mindful of everything.

I trusted myself and my body and I used everything I had researched to eat in a way that gave me joy, to exercise in a way that brought me happiness and to live in a way that brought me pleasure.

I lost 17 kgs in a year and I’ve kept it off.

More than being healthy in body, I am healthy in mind and spirit. I changed my mindset. I changed my thoughts. I changed my life.

And in turn I want to help others change theirs too.

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