Lisa Marie Lawler

Hello, I’m Lisa Marie Lawler

Your virtual wellbeing BFF, cheerleader, supporter and biggest fan.

I believe in living with wild abandon and in being free. In fact, be free and be you, is my mantra.

There are no judgements here.  

In 2017 a tragic loss resulted in me directing all my grief in to food. By the end of 2018 I was at my heaviest and also at my rock bottom. It was a year of endless health problems for me. The pain of staying where I was was far greater than the pain of wanting to change. 

I decided that I needed to take back control of my life and poured my energy into understanding food and also my body.

While I was focusing on my body, I was simultaneously doing the work to heal from the inside. I was forced to face the emotional trauma, the grief and the personal loss I was clinging to. 

It was a painful process but it was better than staying stuck feeling heavy and unhappy. The healing on the inside is what changed my life and helped me find my voice again.

This healing journey led me to question what I really wanted, believed in and was ready to fight for. And that was my wellbeing.

I discovered my purpose and realised that what would make me even happier is not only serving and inspiring you but  also clapping and cheering for you along the way.

I am a storyteller, an educator, an advertiser, a travel expert and your wellbeing bestie.