Hey there!

I’m Lisa Marie Lawler. 


I’m a health and wellness advocate who also just happens to be a writer, advertiser, educator and travel expert. 

I’m not ONE thing. Are you? No, I didn’t think so. I have never been able to tick one box, I am always many.

I’m also not much of a fit into a box type of person. I would say more of an outlier and a change maker because I ask too many questions and ruffle a few feathers.

I’m here because the most difficult questions I had to ask of myself. The answers to which brought us here, a heartspace for wellbeing and love.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

To me wellbeing means looking in the mirror and seeing love look back at you.  

And it’s saying, heck yeah, you are one incredible, sexy, gorgeous being. Just look at YOU! Yes, I’m talking to you. 

It means taking that feeling and sprinkling it across your relationships, your work, your body and your mind. 

I had no idea what wellbeing was until I found myself sinking in grief. It was like a slow deadly descent and each time I reached out to grab something to hold on to, it slipped through my hands. 

Have you ever felt that way? So heavy and so stuck. Yeah, you and I both.

I committed myself to healing (which by the way is an ongoing process) and do you know what I discovered? My voice. My joy. My purpose. My self esteem. My creativity. My love for life and my happiness. I found ME.

And I’m here for YOU. 

Let’s go on an adventure. Let’s explore and imagine. Let’s play and let’s grow, together.